our skincare range revitalises your skin & saves the planet

at Vegori, we’ve unlocked the secrets of botanical ingredients to optimise your skincare routine.
with our range of vegan products, you can discover an array of skincare options that work with
your skin and hair instead of using harsh chemicals that damage it.

creating a more sustainable future

today, we’re helping others embrace an environmentally conscious lifestyle. as a pioneering vegan skincare brand, we’re looking to spread the benefits of vegan products and help create sustainable communities around the world.

as well as being vegan, our products are completely plastic free, ensuring there’s no unnecessary waste before, during, or after use. all materials are 100% recyclable, helping us
fight against the significant plastic problem on our planet.

more benefits less water

did you know water makes up 80% of most of the shampoo’s you buy? It’s commonly wasted
throughout the manufacturing process, which only further adds to the waste caused by mass
production. we avoid using water for the base of our solid bars, guaranteeing an eco-friendly
product every time you buy from us.

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